As you may have noticed, for the past few months things have been pretty quiet here at Pet Wolf Gaming.

After taking some much needed time off to recharge our batteries (self care is absolutely essential!), we’re making a few tweaks and improvements across the site to ensure that we’re at our best!


The first of our changes arrives for our Top 5 Levels series. Instead of a single author, this series will now see a completely different guest writer for each entry. Expect to see some awesome contributions appear on the site every now and again!

We are actively looking for writers to contribute to this series, so if you’re interested in writing about your favourite games for Pet Wolf Gaming, then contact us via a message on our Twitter, or via e-mail –

The next bit of new regards our other articles…

The four article series are still ongoing, each with a slightly polished look, and a wealth of games to cover.

  • CHANGE THE CHANNEL – Diving into the weird, woeful and occasionally wonderful world of video games based on TV shows and cartoons.
  • FINAL ROUND – An exploration of every single fighting game throughout the history of gaming.
  • PRESS R2! – An extended look at the realm of Professional Wrestling games.
  • GAME OVER, MAN! – Analysing games based on (or tied-in with) movies.

We have a few new sections arriving later in 2019, but we’re not quite ready to reveal them just yet.

We’re also introducing scoring systems into each of these articles, just so we can give a better insight into what works (and what doesn’t) in any particular game that we write about!

Finally, we are no longer reviewing new indie games on the site. The reason for this is purely down to how much time and space that we currently have available. If your game fits into one of the four main categories that we cover, we’ll come to you eventually. We’re not ruling out these reviews altogether, but for the time being, we’re focusing on growing the site in other areas.

2019 is going to be a busy year, so thanks for joining us!

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