The Future of Pet Wolf Gaming

Hello everyone!

Things have been quiet here at Pet Wolf Gaming for a short while now, so I figured that I’d bring everyone up to speed with what’s been happening lately and the future of the site as a whole.

First of all, an explanation in regards to the site’s radio silence for the last couple of months.

Pet Wolf Gaming has pretty much been a one-man operation since its inception. The maintenance of the site, the design work, the written content, the social media and everything in between has been handled by myself, and lately, it has reached a point where I am just not having very much fun with it anymore.

Trying to balance working on new content with stuff going on in my personal life was just burning me out, and starting to make me slightly hate the idea of playing video games in general. I mean, what good are games if they don’t provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life?

I was also starting to feel as though the site’s content wasn’t adding anything new or interesting to the discourse of gaming. Sure, going through the long history of fighting games and beat ’em ups has been an interesting journey so far, but I don’t want it to end up being a second-rate wiki page.

So instead of attempting to power through this and potentially ruin something that I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid, I decided to step back from the site for a short while to take a breather, and re-evaluate exactly what I wanted to do with Pet Wolf Gaming going forwards.

Now that I’ve had this break, I’ve made the decision to alter the focus on how I actually deliver content to people that enjoy reading the site’s articles and features.

Both the “Final Round” and the “Punch! Kick! GO!!” series will continue as a printed zines, which will see the information from each entry condensed into a really cool physical product, while allowing me to collaborate with other writers, designers and artists. I’ve always appreciated having a physical copy of the stuff I enjoy interacting with, and it’s something that a generation has totally missed out on now. They’ll come loaded with a host of other freebies such as pin badges, stickers and some other surprises too, (and won’t break the bank either!). Keep your eyes peeled for info on when this stuff will become available!

There’s a bunch of other upcoming content in the works that I’ll talk about at a later date as well!

So where does that leave the site itself? It will remain as the main hub for everything Pet Wolf Gaming related, and act as a blog that covers a wider variety of gaming topics. My aim has always been to build an inclusive, positive community around our love of video games, and that has not changed one bit.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken time out of their day to read this (or indeed anything that I’ve posted on Pet Wolf Gaming since the site launched properly a little over a year ago!), and I look forward to bringing a reinvigorated version of the site’s content to you in future!

In the meantime, while I start to prepare this stuff, be sure to keep in touch via the site’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

You’re all awesome!

Shaun Eddleston
Editor-In-Chief/Final Boss
Twitter: @shaunpetwolf

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