Hello everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since our last big update, so here’s where Pet Wolf Gaming is at right now.

First up on our agenda;


The era when gamers would receive a physical booklet with their games is one that I’m particularly fond of. I’m also a big fan of old DIY punk rock zines that were at one time a major aspect of that scene.

So, with these two interests in mind, I figured that the reimagining of Pet Wolf Gaming‘s longest running article series would be ideal for a series of printed zines that will be up for sale (at a totally reasonable price!).

Progress on the upcoming reboot of our ongoing fighting game retrospective is coming along slowly but surely. It’s taken a little while for me to decide on the layout of these, but I’ve finally settled on what they’re going to look like (and what they will contain!) and I must say, you’re in for a treat.

Not only will you receive the zine itself, but I’ll throw in some freebies such as pin badges, stickers and some other cool stuff too.

Keep an eye on our Twitter for more information soon!

Next up;


As is the case with FINAL ROUND, P!K!G! will launch properly as a zine series sometime after the new year!

Expect some awesome beat-’em-up goodies!

Why not check out the first article in the meantime?


Making their return to the site in 2020 are the movie and TV show game tie-in articles GO,M! and CTC!

Each article takes a look at the often awful world of games based on movies and TV shows, so I can’t wait to resume this journey!

Other stuff!

While these other main articles are being prepared, we have some other content coming really soon to Pet Wolf Gaming.

“How soon?”, I hear you asking?

Early next month, as a matter of fact! In the leadup to the release of Borderlands 3, I’ll be taking a look back at the franchise so far, picking out my favourite missions, characters and moments from the three prior games!

I also have two brand new series to introduce to the site, but there will be more information about them arriving later in the year…

For those who have stuck with Pet Wolf Gaming while I have been figuring stuff out over these last few months, thanks so much for your patience.

And to those who are new to the site, WELCOME!

Shaun Eddleston
Editor-In-Chief/Final Boss
Twitter: @shaunpetwolf

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