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Founded in early 2018, Pet Wolf Gaming is all about highlighting people’s love for video games, and offers a space for writers to nerd out over their favourite gaming experiences, as well as review some interesting indie games along the way.

Instead of focusing on the massive new releases, Pet Wolf Gaming takes a look at the weird, wonderful and sometimes downright ugly history of fighting games, wrestling games and titles that are based on movies and TV shows.

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Our Series…

We have a selection of different areas in gaming that are specifically covered by a number of article series;

FINAL ROUND – An in-depth look into the fighting game genre, one game at a time. From the  most well-known beat-’em-ups to the more obscure, weird fighters, FINAL ROUND aims to cover it all. Look out for new entries every Friday!

CHANGE THE CHANNEL – Join us as we delve into the varied world of video games that are based on TV shows and cartoons! Look out for new entries every Wednesday!

GAME OVER, MAN! – Named after one of the best lines in Aliens, Game Over, Man! takes a look at video games that are based on movies. Look out for new entries every Monday!

PRESS R2! – Join us as we bodyslam, suplex and piledrive our way through the history of licensed professional wrestling games, brother!

TOP 5 LEVELS – Check out our writers’ favourite levels from a wide variety of different games!

Our Team…

Shaun Eddleston – Founder & Head Writer

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Shaun Eddleston is the founder and head honcho at Pet Wolf Gaming. A lifelong lover of video games and professional wrestling, Shaun collects movie/game soundtracks on vinyl and has an obsession with fighting games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Godzilla and 90’s era platformers.

You can follow him on Twitter here.

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